About Symposion

Symposion is a cellar of carefully selected knowledge. It ensues from our enthusiasm for and devotion to a meticulous and creative delivery of intellectual services. We integrate our associates’ experience and expertise to offer exemplary education and consulting in several professional areas. We connect parties with different profiles for a collaborative and effective tackling of professional challenges.

Symposion is an intellectual service enterprise based in North Macedonia. We specialize in consulting, professional training and translation.

Professional training & consulting

Our educational trainings help institutions and companies improve performance by unlocking their employees’ full potential. The field’s leading national experts craft and deliver interactive educational training programs and help participants solve real work-related dilemmas.
We focus on:
     • interactive, participant-focused training sessions
     • public and private sector actors alike utilize the opportunity for a guided discussion on matters of mutual interest.
Our main fields of expertise thus far are public procurements, auditing, archiving, legal procedures, as well as human resources and administration management.

Translation and interpretation services

Symposion offers expert translation and interpretation in eight languages. In satisfying our clients’ needs we work with attentively-selected associates, professionally trained and experienced. Timely and high-quality services guaranteed regardless of the type of source documents or events:
     • official (certified) translation
     • simultaneous and consecutive interpreting for conferences
     • translation of specialized technical documents
     • translation and editing of academic papers.
Available languages: Macedonian, English, Russian, Polish, German, French, Serbian, Croatian, Albanian and Greek.


We aim to support our clients’ work in diverse ways. In 2017 we published the book Office archiving protocoles” by Aco Angelovski, Ph.D. The book covers all important procedures stipulated by law regarding the archiving and care for official documents, also offering practical examples guidelines. We are currently prepararing a new publication.